While Outnumbered (BBC1) is centered on the challenges of raising three small children, Parenthood (NBC) focuses on the development of the parents themselves.

Casting all stylistic critique aside, the drama as a whole ignites a good balance of laughter and tears.  Although not everyone may be able to identify with the precise socio-economic or familial backdrops presented in the Braverman family, it is the basic scenario that is universal to all parents and children.

What counts is being able to appreciate the feeling of being defeated and completely shattered after a day with an impossible child or the difficulty of letting go of your adolescent children and allowing them to grow.  It is also acknowledging the frustration of not always being able to maintain your own identity as a person and not being swallowed up by your role as a parent.

Admittedly, the most recent episode left me feeling a bit guilty toward my own parents, especially my mum.  Always my port in the storm and never giving herself any “time off,” I haven’t really taken the opportunity to get to know her as a person.  Perhaps now would be a good time to start.

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