Slightly stoopid, mostly green

I’ve never been politically inclined, but at the behest of N’s post I thought it might be worth my while to have a look at Vote for Policies.  At first glance, it all looked a bit like foreign language to me.  Not willing to be defeated by my own political illiteracy, I took the survey at the weekend and have been left to mull over the results:

It would appear that I side with Labour on crime and environment, the Lib Dems on economy and welfare, and the Greens on health, education, and immigration.  So what does this all mean?

Potential first-time voters could be misguided by what the site suggests: voters can make informed decisions on who to vote for based solely on their pick of policies.  For example, take my mate N (who is actually a political punter of sorts).

When it came to welfare the Green Party policy seemed attractive.  However, after reading the fine print,  N commented that the policy when taken out of context does not provide all the information needed to make an informed decision.  As for me, this is the policy I disliked the most.  I fear the Citizen’s Income will end up hurting, rather than helping fellow citizens in the long-run.

Nonetheless, Vote for Policies provides a fun and different take on voting.  I would still suggest reading each party’s manifesto before making any firm decisions.  Click on Parties&Policies at the end of your survey results to find the links to each party’s website.

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