Viva la FIFA

My dreams of becoming a star footie player were crushed at a young age.  Somehow I kept walking away from practice with mild concussions or accidentally kneeing the ball into people’s tummies.  Agility and coordination never found their way into my dictionary.

Hence, I was encouraged to try something less rigorous, like badminton.  As you can imagine, I was gutted.  No offense to badminton players but I was kind of embarrassed to have to take up a sport for…well, dorks.

Since then, I’ve had a secret love affair with footie and more specifically with the FIFA World Cup.  Hence, after years of anticipation I can’t wait to watch some of the world’s best players come head to head to claim the world cup title for their country. 32 teams, 1 winner.

Of course all the matches are worth watching, but England vs. USA (12 June) will be particularly exciting to see.  There is not a doubt in my mind that England will win this one unless a miracle happens.  Needless to say, I’m very sad that my plans to be in South Africa fell through, but you’ll see me sporting my England jersey quite a bit from June to July.  Viva la FIFA!

1 thought on “Viva la FIFA

  1. Oh gawd, are you kidding? Don’t tell me this thing’s about to start again 😦

    Hopefully it’s on at the same time as Big Brother…

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