Viva la FIFA (Part 5)

The consolation of having multiple loyalties from living in several countries still does not take away the pain of watching your favourite teams “lose.”  A fellow tweeter reminded me that “it’s not about their final score but being proud of their performance.”  I must admit, however, I’m gutted that my top teams have all been ousted from a chance at the world cup title and all too early in the game!

Although not quite as bad as Team Le Sulk, I wish England had pulled it together to beat Germany.  Still, I should say well done England for making it to Stage 2. And let’s not forget the great performance Japan gave against Paraguay!  They’re a tough team to beat and I think Japan played well.

Having said all that, the games must go on and I’m sad that before we know it we’ll have to wait another 4 years for the world cup to come again.  Pigs may fly if Ghana emerge the champions, but I think I’ll still adopt them as my team to cheer for.  Realistically, I think Spain or Brazil will win the title.  Either way, the last few matches will be exciting to watch.

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