Gearing up for Oz and New Zealand

We’ve finally booked our (belated) honeymoon to Australia and New Zealand!  Following our adventure through the desert, this will be the biggest holiday we’ll  have been on to date.   Three weeks of freedom and relaxing in the sun, swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, abundant harvests from the sea, a trek through the Daintree Rainforest, who wouldn’t be excited?

Oh wait,  I do know one person in the world that wouldn’t fancy a great adventure Down Under.  That would be Sir Smart, who recently declared (with a bit of lazy paraphrasing of Samuel Johnson) that Oz is like England forty years ago and that the best thing in Australia is the departure lounge back toward home!  But I digress…

We’ll visit Cairns and Sydney first, then spend the final week exploring the South Island of Aotearoa.  We plan to make a counter-clockwise loop around South Island, starting off in Christchurch and hence, a total of EIGHT hotel bookings for the entire holiday.  It was a lot of work but we’re SO excited!

We have a few things on our “to do” list: snorkeling, rain forest tour, Taronga Zoo, Orana Wildlife Park, sea kayaking, and of course we’d like to sample some bush tucker and try as many local delights as possible.  Although there are a few more months before the trip, we’re gearing up for it by learning as much as we can about each area.  So if you have any suggestions of your favourite local restaurants and must-sees (or avoid-like-the-plague) in any of the places we’ll be visiting, please let me know!

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