The Wonderful World of Moomin

I first fell in love with Moomin whilst living in Japan.  Japan, being the land of all things kawaii, had every single Moomin related product a girl could ever dream of.  From bento boxes to plush toys, I was in Moomin heaven.

After leaving Japan I discovered that unfortunately, only a handful of my friends seemed to have an appreciation for Moomin (or even knew about him) so I thought I’d dedicate a post to the wonderful world of Moomin and share some of my favourite places to obtain Moomin paraphernalia.

If you’re new to Moomin, you can read more about the origins of Moomin here.  I also highly recommend the comic book series, Moomin: The Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip  (Books One thru Five), which can be found on Amazon (both UK and US sites carry the entire series). And in case you didn’t know, Moomin isn’t from Japan but Finland!  If I ever get to cross Finland off my bucket list, I plan to visit Moomin World and The Moomin Museum!

Before I get to my list of favourite shops, I shall leave you with a bit of fun random trivia about the magnificent creator of Moomin, Tove Jannson.  Little known fact: Tove Jannson illustrated Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland as well as The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien.




  • – A new favourite of mine, this shop carries everything from cloudberry jelly to creamy smoked reindeer soup and of course a solid supply of Moomin goodies–all the necessities to satisfy your Moomin candy cravings! Read more about here and a limited time special offer! (added 5 November 2012)
  • Suomikauppa – Here is another shop that carries a wide range of products from Finland and an incredible array of Moomin merchandise, including cutlery, watches, t-shirts, and more! (added 5 November 2012)
  • Finlandia Shop – They carry a nice selection of bedding, bath towels, post cards, and other Moomin themed gifts.
  • Arabia Finland – One of my favourite shops of all time, you’ll find a magnificent collection of mugs, bowls, plates, and figurines.


  • Cybercandy – If you love candy from all over the world, you’ll be happy to find that Cyberycandy also have a decent selection of Moomin candy (from Finland and Japan).  If you’re in London, you can also visit their flagship store in Covent Garden (3 Garrick Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9BF) or their second shop in Angel Islington (29 Upper Street, Islington,London, N1 0PN).  I believe they also have shops in Brighton and Birmingham.
  • Artbox – Here you’ll find Moomin books, bags, purses, cards, and other fun gifts.  You’ll also find that they have shops in Covent Garden, Kings Road, and Selfridges.
  • Pussy Home Boutique – Oh hmm…I’m not a fan of their shop name (honestly, not a fan of cats) but they do carry some very unique Moomin products.
  • DesignShop UK – I can’t believe I only just discovered this shop! They carry an eclectic mix of Moomin goods, ranging from standard Arabia ceramic mugs to high end collectors boxes.  A brilliant find if I do say so myself!  (added 17 November 2011)
  • Cloudberry Living – They carry a good selection of Moomin bowls, mugs, tumblers and trays, as well as other Moomin merchandise.
  • Skandium – They carry a modest selection of Moomin standards.  You can also check out their in store selection at Marylebone High Street, Selfridges and their Brompton Store in London.
  • Also see Royal Design and Scandinavian Design Center below under Swedish Shops for UK deliveries. And of course, if you’re in London don’t forget to check out the Moomin Shop in Covent Garden! Marimekko (St. Christopher’s Place, London) also carry Moomin merchandise in store.


  • Dream Pocket – Love, love, LOVE this shop! I recently purchased a box of goodies from them and just love the variety.  By far the most comprehensive Moomin collection I’ve seen. I must warn, however, that you’ll need a Japanese middleman for these transactions if you don’t live in Japan. Boo! One day, I hope they’ll finally start shipping worldwide!
  • Rakuten Global Market – Oh but fret not, my dear Moomin fan, I found that Rakuten Global Market actually does sell and ship Moomin goods overseas! Huzzah!


  • Finn Style – Unfortunately, I only have one shop for the US so far, although I believe you can get some things from Amazon US and perhaps eBay. But this shop has a good selection of books, plates, mugs, and beautiful Ekelund tea towels, place mats, dish cloths, and runners.
  • Also see Royal Design and Scandinavian Design Center below under Swedish Shops. Artbox (see above under UK Shops), Amazon UK, Ebay UK (click on Worldwide) also deliver to US).


  • – Lord, have mercy! I’ve just discovered a new online shop based in Germany with an amazing selection of Moomin for baby, school, Moomin kitchen accessories, lamps, bags, and more! This really isn’t good for someone with a massive Moomin obsession!  (added 13 October 2011)


  • Muminboden – I’ve been looking for Moomin cupcake cases for a while now and can’t believe I found them here!  This shop carries a wide selection of rare finds. (added 2 May 2012)
  • Royal Design – Based in Sweden, Royal Design ship to a variety of locations worldwide, including Australia, Denmark, France, UK and US, just to name a few.  Even China of all places!  To find if ship to your location, click here. They carry a great selection of Moomin merchandise, which include this lovely collection of Hackman silverware.  (added 2 August 2012)
  • Scandinavian Design Center – Another great shop that carry a wide selection of Moomin merchandise and offer worldwide shipping! (added 2 August 2012)


  • This is the official Moomin-Store serving France and Benelux. They have a small selection of goods but a wide variety of tableware for kids by Petit Jour Paris. (added 29 July 2013)


I reckon that about covers my list of shops!  If you have any favourites that I have not included here or know of other shops that ship worldwide, please DO let me know by leaving a comment!

17 thoughts on “The Wonderful World of Moomin

  1. I didn’t know, that we have a a shop in Germany. Now I can try to get the Moomin cookie cutters. I so love them 🙂

    • Thank you for stopping by and yes, you do! I haven’t gotten the cookie cutters yet but please let me know how you like them. I’m curious about the size and how the cookies come out. 🙂

      • Ooh thank you for sharing and those look lovely! And a good size, too! 🙂 Perhaps I should get some after all! I think I’ve waited long enough! 🙂

      • I’m very sure, you will enjoy these cookie cutters. Me and my friends nearly died of cuteness, when we saw the cookie cutters for the first time 🙂
        I think, I will buy them now ❤

  2. I’ll be checking out some of the shops on here. I hadn’t heard of some of them. I’ve not been to Japan but I have been to Finland. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the museum or moomin world but the shop in the centre of Helsinki is great. Also, just having a moomin shop in the airport makes the journey out of Finland more fun.

  3. Oh, I almost forgot. Add to your UK shop list: Skandium (Marylebone High St and Selfridges, London), Marimekko (St Christopher’s place, London) and the relatively new Moomin shop in Covent Garden. :-).

    • Thanks for the shop reminders! I haven’t been good about updating the list these days. I’m trying to find good online shops that are accessible to all Moomin fans. 🙂 If all goes well, I’ll be in Finland (finally) for Tove Jansson’s 100th birthday celebrations in 2014, which will be good fun and full of Moomin love! 🙂

  4. Fantastic article! I am crazy about the Moomin books – the best children’s books ever written in my opinion. Along with (ahem) ‘Tortoise Soup’ of course. I had a great visit to the Moomin shop in Covent Garden market hall a few weeks ago and bought a wonderful plush Snork Maiden!

  5. hello dear “catastrophic findings”! what a fab blog, full of Moomins! why don’t you check out my shop where Moomins are ever present;-) apart from kids clotehs that I am the only seller in the UK. I also have some nice accessories also only in my shop;-) welcome to pop over and hava a look! Anna

    • You’re very welcome and so I’ve heard! Btw, have you been to Moomin, Queensland (near Cairns) ?! When I heard there was a town called Moomin in OZ I nearly died (of happiness) but there was no sign of the actual Moomins so was rather bummed. Oh and if you ever need help locating some Moomin merch, let me know and would be happy to help you find it!

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