Moomin and Lost

While scouring the net for new Moomin treasures, I came across a fantastic post on Matt Madden’s blog about a strangely mysterious connection between the Moomin tales and the popular American TV series Lost.

I’ll have to admit that I never properly got into Lost.  Perhaps it’s too profound of a show for me, but I just remember thinking, for f***’s sake, can’t we just get on with the story, i.e. get off the bloody island?!  But I digress.

Clearly, I’m not a Lost fan but I am a huge fan of Moomin.  And after seeing the connection between one of my all time favourite stories, “Moomin’s Desert Island,” and the first season of the show, I might just give Lost a second chance.

Just to give you a taste, the story of  “Moomin’s Desert Island” begins with a helicopter crash, hurling the Moomins onto a small desert island.

After the Moomins gather their senses, they venture out in search of food.  Moomin Mama goes hunting and finds wild boars.  Meanwhile, Moomin is out digging a hole when he encounters something unexpected just under the surface…a hatch!  Sound familiar to you Lost fans?  This desert island plot sure does make for a good story, one so good that the producers of Lost couldn’t give up!

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