Boxing: Releasing My Inner B*tch

Boxing.  I can’t say it’s a sport that I’m incredibly familiar with, aside from watching all the Rocky films.  But it has always been something that I was secretly interested in trying.  I got my first taste of boxing while serving as an interpreter for a friend in Japan.  Believe it or not, the boxing coach said that I was ‘a natural’.

Nearly 6 years later, I’m back in the ring (okay, not really) as my hubby and I have joined our local boxing club.  Last night I completed my first boxing conditioning training and feel amazing.  As you can probably gather, we’re not there to actually box anyone but have joined for the amazing workouts that boxing training requires.   I haven’t had such a mentally stimulating workout in ages.

As this is a proper boxing club that trains real fighters, our trainer made us focus a lot on form.  We learned to throw proper punches, duck, protect ourselves from body punches, and how to keep a good stance while remaining agile.  Okay, well that last bit will hopefully come with practice.

Training to box requires a lot of discipline and hard work.  Not to mention, it’s a great source of stress relief .  Although people may make assumptions about me (being a girl who enjoys boxing),  it’s not about ‘releasing my inner b*tch’.   What some people don’t realise is that boxing isn’t about aggression, it’s about precision and form.   I’m in a happy place, focused, and determined.  In time, I hope to become more agile, alert, with better reflexes and hand-eye coordination, and in a few more months be deemed properly fit!

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