A Cure For The Common Cold

It’s too early in the year to begin cold season, but somehow I went from feeling perfectly fine to very poorly!  I really need to nip this in the bud as I just can’t be ill!

Never mind what the experts say and all that talk about possibly finding a cure.  It seems every year there’s some report about scientists getting close.  But really, who are they kidding? It doesn’t seem right to get our hopes up like that year after year.

There’s quite a huge market for cold remedies but let’s be realistic. Other than suppress your symptoms, there isn’t much you can do once you’re sick.  Most colds will make you miserable for a about a week then slowly start to fade, regardless of any remedies.

For someone who catches colds quite easily, I’ve tried at least one hundred different cold remedies, none of which really work.  Well, there’s this magical prescription codeine cough syrup that did finally help suppress an awful cough I had for nearly three weeks, but I prefer not to take such harsh substances if possible.

Over the past year, I started taking cod liver oil in an attempt to boost my immune system and it truly has worked wonders.  I found that if I took it regularly I was less likely to get a full on cold.  I highly recommend taking cod liver oil supplements on a regular basis if you tend to get bad coughs or chest infections.  I hope it works for me this time, though I may have been a bit lazy about taking the supplements during summer.

Although I’m not entirely sure if these supplements do much, I also like to take echinacea and the less commonly known bee propolis with cod liver oil.  Both are said to help boost the immune system as well, but I haven’t ever taken them alone.

*I started to write this post last night and unfortunately, as of this morning, I now have a proper cold. I guess all I can do now is let it run its course.*

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