Sugar In Disguise

Most of us get a sweet tooth every now and then, and savour the occasional sweet treat.  But how do we know if we’re going overboard with our sugar intake?  These days there are so many different names for sugar and new ones seem to keep popping up.

I’m not advocating for or against sugar.  However, I do believe that instead of trying to decipher names of ingredients that sound more like toxic chemicals rather than something we should be putting in our bodies, we might be better off sticking to whole foods.  After all, whole foods are natural and don’t contain things that will make us ill.

When I get a sugar craving, I tend to choose fresh fruit over cakes, ice-cream, or a sugary drink.  But it’s not just ‘sweets’ that contain sugar.  There’s hidden amounts of sugar in most processed foods, making it rather difficult to actually cut unnecessary sugar out of your diet.

For those that are trying to cut back it can be a bit tricky to recognise all the names associated with sugar, so I thought I’d share a list of different names/types of sugar.  There’s no doubt there are more out there but hopefully this will help you get started on becoming more aware of how much sugar you’re actually consuming.



  1. Agave Nectar
  2. Barbados Sugar (commonly known as muscovado sugar or merely raw sugar)
  3. Barley Malt
  4. Beet Sugar
  5. Blackstrap Molasses
  6. Brown Sugar
  7. Buttered Syrup
  8. Cane Crystals
  9. Cane Juice Crystals
  10. Cane Sugar
  11. Caramel
  12. Carob Syrup
  13. Castor Sugar
  14. Confectioner’s Sugar
  15. Corn Syrup
  16. Corn Sweetener
  17. Corn Syrup Solids
  18. Crystalline Fructose
  19. Date Sugar
  20. Demerara Sugar
  21. Dextrin
  22. Dextran
  23. Dextrose
  24. Diastatic Malt
  25. Diatase
  26. D-Mannose
  27. Evaporated Cane Juice
  28. Ethyl Maltol  (sounds like a lethal substance)
  29. Fructose
  30. Fruit Juice
  31. Fruit Juice Concentrate
  32. Galactose
  33. Glucose
  34. Glucose Solids
  35. Golden Sugar
  36. Golden Syrup
  37. Granulated Sugar
  38. Grape Sugar
  39. High-Fructose Corn Syrup
  40. Honey
  41. Icing Sugar
  42. Invert Sugar
  43. Lactose (sometimes known as ‘milk sugar’)
  44. Malt Syrup
  45. Maltodextrin
  46. Maltose
  47. Mannitol
  48. Maple Syrup
  49. Molasses
  50. Muscovado Sugar
  51. Organic Raw Sugar
  52. Panocha
  53. Powdered Sugar
  54. Raw Sugar
  55. Refiner’s Syrup
  56. Rice Syrup
  57. Sorbitol
  58. Sorghum Syrup
  59. Sucrose
  60. Sugar
  61. Syrup
  62. Table sugar
  63. Treacle
  64. Turbinado sugar
  65. Yellow sugar

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