D is for…

D is for dessert!  Dessert, after all, is what makes us human.  I love this quote from Chop Shop by Tim Downs, which I think perfectly sums up how I feel about dessert:

“We don’t eat dessert,” Leo said.  “What are we, gluttons?  We taste dessert.  The entrée feeds the body, but dessert feeds the soul.  Dessert is for pleasure, and pleasures are meant to be to be tasted, not consumed.  When you skip dessert, you leave with a full belly but an empty heart.  Animals eat meat and vegetables, my dear Riley.  Dessert is what makes us human.”

I absolutely love looking at beautifully arranged cakes, tarts, puddings, parfaits, the list could go on forever.  You name it and if it looks good, I’ll have a taste but I actually don’t enjoy eating copious amounts of sweets.  I always think I want more but when I actually get down to having desserts my tummy always has enough before my eyes do!  My favourite summer desserts are generally fruit based.  This summer’s top picks were fruit inspired mousse cakes.  Fancy a bite?


Mango mousse cake pictured left and strawberry and black currant mousse cake pictured right.

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