The Fear of Being Healthy

Like many young people, I used to think that I could eat whatever I wanted and still be ‘healthy’.  So long as I didn’t gain any weight, I was okay.  I had youth on my side and an insanely fast metabolism.  Then one day, I woke up and suddenly I was 2 stone overweight–even my fat pants were getting too small!  Gutted, I’ve decided it is finally time to do something about it.

I’ve already seen Robert Kenner’s Food, Inc. , read Michael Pollan’s books In Defense of Food and The Omnivore’s Dilemma, followed Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution both in the UK and US, and was making what I thought were better food choices.   Not to mention, I have  my mum constantly reminding me  of what I ought to be eating.

But even though I was becoming more aware of nutrition and food, it wasn’t enough for me to make a strong commitment to drastically change my eating habits.  That is, until now.  If you can get your hands on Forks Over Knives and Food Matters, I highly recommend adding them to your food education library (both books and DVDs are available) .

Of course there is always the danger of going overboard with anything, even ‘healthy’ eating.  There are always new studies coming out about how something we thought was good for us in the past is now making us ill.  It can be frustrating and overwhelming.  So it’s important for everyone to find their own balance.  But when it comes down to it, the basis to healthy eating really is all quite simple.

Food matters.  It matters where it comes from, how we prepare it, and how much of it we eat. We’ve become programmed to want everything done instantly–fast, quick, and easy.  Most of us would prefer a pill for every ill instead of thinking about prevention.  So why are we so afraid of being healthy?  Why is there so much resistance to any sort of health movement?  Is it because maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking actions to prevent illness takes time and commitment? Are we really that lazy we can’t even take responsibility for our own health?

But imagine if we were all healthy.  We would have a health epidemic.  The vast majority of doctors in the world would have to retrain.  There simply isn’t money in health, but there is a bucket load of cash to be made from people that are sick.

I’m not denying the benefits of modern medicine–there are many.  But there are alternatives to medicine, such as nutritional therapy that have not been fully explored by the medical industry. It makes me wonder if my grandfather could have survived cancer had he been offered both modern medicine and nutritional therapy, with a strong emphasis on nutrition.

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