G is for…

G is for ‘green’ juice.  There seems to be a juice craze spreading from Australia to the UK and US.  It’s nothing new, but juicing seems to have finally caught on.  And just in time, as the average person in the UK eats less than 3 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, instead of the recommended 5!  In Australia, the recommendation is to go for 2 fruit and 5 vegetables per day.

If you love fruit and vegetables but don’t always have time to eat them, here is an easy way to get your full daily fruit and veggie count.  And if you aren’t so keen on all the green stuff, I assure you this is a lot tastier than it might seem.  The green apples and lemon add a lot of fruity flavour!

We’ve played around with various recipes and I think we’ve got it down.  Simply stick all the ingredients into a juicer and voila! We like to blend our spinach in a mixer with the existing juice of all the other ingredients to get more fiber.  And remember, you can pretty much throw anything you have into the juicer (Swiss chard, cabbage, courgette, etc.).  Happy juicing!

Green Juice Recipe

8-10 leaves of kale
4 green apples
1 cucumber
2 stalks of celery
1 stub of ginger, peeled
1 lemon, peeled
4 cups of baby spinach

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