The Underwater Swimmer

Swimming used to be one of my favourite sports.  But one day, my body decided to break free from all words associated with agility and coordination, and overnight I transformed from a graceful swimmer to a complete and utter klutz on land and in water.  Even a hippo could swim more elegantly than me.

That said, I continued to swim, knocking my poor head into the pool wall as I misjudged every flip turn (which to be honest, I never quite mastered) and then there was the challenge of learning to swim underwater.  It was the straw that broke the camel’s back, which eventually led me to quit swimming.  For eighteen years, due to my extreme buoyancy, I was unsuccessful in mastering this seemingly easy technique.  That is…until last weekend!

I started out a bit clumsily and nearly choked on water as I came up from my first failed attempt.  I had my head in the water but it seemed the more I stroked (or whatever its is called, perhaps like a breast stroke motion?) the more buoyant my bottom became and I started to feel a draft.

It didn’t quite feel like my entire body was underwater and sure enough I popped my head up to see that I had basically been at the surface the entire time looking like quite the fool.   All that effort and my bottom was still in the air!  I started to wonder if  I would ever be able to overcome my extreme buoyancy.  I mean if a giant hippo or polar-me-bear can swim underwater, why can’t I?

Then little by little, with the patient and gentle guidance of Mr. Hubs, I learned how to swim underwater.  It took a few tries, but I eventually caught on, and in the end I managed to do it repeatedly on my own!  Next weekend scuba.  Cairns just got even more exciting…

1 thought on “The Underwater Swimmer

  1. Oh yeah. That place looks beautiful. With scuba, I think they give you equipment, so it works out even better.

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