The Attack of the Latest Health Food Trends

As a reaction piece to her post, I’m dedicating this to one of my favourite bloggers, the lovely F.Scribbles.   As sorry as I was to read of her allergic reactions, I couldn’t help but laugh because her story hit so close to home and I just loved her humour!  Luckily for me, I’m not allergic to either goji or açaí berries.  But F.Scribbles’ story reminded me of the constant bombardment that we, as consumers, undergo from the health food marketing industry and how challenging it can be to stay on top of the latest health food trends.

Growing up, I had goji berries as an occasional snack (my mum swears by them).  That was long before any of us knew about antioxidants–in my family, we simply took my mum’s word for its health benefits (if I’m not mistaken, goji berries are also good for your eyes) as it had always been a part of her culture’s diet.  These days I have goji berries in the stylish form of a raw bar, which is basically a raw granola bar with goji berries.

It’s funny how goji berries have only recently become the new health food trend, as açaí once was, and before that pomegranate juice.  Oh, and let’s not forget coconut water, which supposedly contains “the highest sources of electrolytes known to man”.   I suppose the health food industry has to give each food a chance to make a profit, but Chinese and Tibetans have been consuming goji berries for centuries! And it’s not until under the careful scrutiny of a Western scientist, who ‘discovers’ (and can prove) the health benefits of such super foods, that the food can officially be deemed beneficial to one’s health.  Until then, it’s simply ‘voodoo’ food, as my hubby would say.

Now I’ll admit that I’m naturally inclined to want to try ‘new’ health foods, but just because someone attacks me with a new advert about the healthful benefits of any food doesn’t mean I’ll immediately go out and try it.  Take for example, coconut water, which I knew would taste like a combination of sweat and a hint of piss.   Although I was completely opposed to trying it, even in the form of flavoured water, I eventually gave in because I wanted to feel those electrolytes pumping through my veins.  Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, right? Well it was bloody awful, just as I thought it’d be.

I like pomegranate juice, but pomegranate flavoured coconut water? You’ve got to be joking! I mean, why do we have to flavour everything? Why can’t we have food in its pure, unadulterated form, which is usually the tastiest (with the exception of coconut water–it’s minging either way)?

So…what’s a girl to do if she’s allergic to or can’t stand the taste of the latest health food trend? I say, try everything once and if it doesn’t work for you, don’t sweat it.  There’s plenty of other ways to consume antioxidants and electrolytes!

5 thoughts on “The Attack of the Latest Health Food Trends

  1. a) I can’t believe I *just* saw this post.
    b) I can’t believe I’m one of your favorite bloggers! I am so flattered.
    c) You made my day!

    Now that I’m done talking about myself 😛 I totally agree with you. I always want to try new health foods but I hate being bombarded by ads (which aren’t always very truthful!)

    Haha pomegranate flavored coconut water sounds scary, or maybe that’s just because I’m not on very good terms with coconuts.

    Thanks again for mentioning me and please do leave comments – mi blog es tu blog 😉

    • You’re very welcome! I’m not really fond of coconut either, though I don’t mind coconut milk in Thai curries. How’s that gluten free diet of yours coming along? Funny I’ve been wanting to try gluten free pasta. I wonder how different it is to regular pasta?

      Anyway, look forward to more of your posts! 🙂

    • Haha, not sure if that sounds good to me. 😛 More apple, less coconut would work though. I found that I loved fresh coconut water/milk when we were in Cairns so perhaps everything just needs to be fresh from a tree or market! 🙂

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