The Official Moomin Fanbook

I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my ムーミン公式ファンブック (The Official Moomin Fanbook) from Japan and it’s finally here!  Many thanks to the lovely V, who helps feed my Moomin addiction (ありがとうね!).



The book is everything I hoped it to be.  Filled with colourful illustrations of the entire Moomin cast, there are sections devoted to Q&A about each character, an introduction to Moomin World, and other fun facts.  The Official Moomin Fanbook is the perfect book for new and old Moomin fans.  Books can be purchased from or from Rakuten Books (楽天ブックス).  To my pleasant surprise, the book also came with an extremely adorable striped Moomin tote bag and a Little My charm.



Rating: 5/5

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