Adventures Down Under: Cairns

If I could spend more time in any place we visited on our adventure down under, it would definitely be Cairns.  At 32°C and 89% humidity, you’re lucky if you don’t pass out from heat exhaustion in summer.  But if you can beat the heat and learn to love it, you’ll love Cairns!  In addition to being a major gateway to the Great Barrier Reef (and to my pleasant surprise), Cairns offers an abundance of delectable cuisine, ranging from modern Australian fare and fresh seafood, to authentic Japanese ramen and Thai delights.  Not to mention, my absolute favourite, Rusty’s Markets, which offers a range of fresh local produce including fruit, vegetables, and seafood.



But that’s not all!  Cairns is within a short driving distance to the towns of Palm Cove, Kuranda and Port Douglas, as well as the Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation. When you’re up in the Daintree, you must make a stop at the Daintree Ice Cream Company!  Their ice cream is made from fresh fruit grown in the Daintree and hence, their flavours vary with each season.  When we went in early December (2011), the flavours available were soursop, banana, wattleseed, and black sapote.  Absolutely divine!



We visited all of these spots in one day, but if you have more time, I would recommend splitting the journey into two parts as each place has so much to see and experience.

8 thoughts on “Adventures Down Under: Cairns

  1. We were just saying how 8 days in each place is not nearly enough time. I would give anything to have a month to explore the area. Ooh, Belize Reef! Both scuba and snorkeling were great in Cairns. Sometimes snorkeling was actually better. But like you said, we were so rushed!

  2. Look forward to the New Zealand posts. Australia is a pretty big place. we have friends and relatives in all 4 corners and Sydney and Melbourne. We would need the time just to visit, let alone see anything haha.

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