Sydney in Pictures

With only five days in Sydney, we felt incredibly pressed for time.  We were faced with the dilemma of going the tourist route or hanging with the locals.  In the end, we opted to focus our energies on seeking out the gastronomic delights of Sydney and exploring some of the main attractions of the magnificent harbour city.  Here are some of my favourite spots:

(Pitt Street Mall)


(Sydney Opera House by day)


(Sydney Opera House by night)


(Harbour Bridge)


(Sydney Harbour)


(Manly Beach)


(Bondi Beach/ Bondi Icebergs – like a dream to see it in the flesh!)


(View of Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge from Mrs Macquaries Point)

3 thoughts on “Sydney in Pictures

  1. These are SUCH amazing photos! Wow!! I can’t wait to go home and use my new camera 😉 I think my absolute face is the Icebergs photo – cose second are the Opera House images, the Harbour Bridge and Bondi with flags. So beautiful. You have truly capture stunning Sydney.

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