Slow Masticating Juicers vs. Centrifugal Juicers

We’ve been dreaming of getting a masticating juicer ever since we realised how much was going to waste with our Breville JE4 Juicer.  As much as we appreciated having the Breville for the past 8 months, we finally caved and replaced it with the Hurom Slow Juicer.

The Hurom utilises a low-speed mechanism to process fresh fruit and vegetables into juice, yielding a slightly more pulpier juice than the Breville, but richer in colour and flavour. The preparation time goes up with this juicer, but you retain so much more of the nutrients that are lost with the Breville or any other high speed dual-disc juicer.

We used our old green juice recipe to compare the results of the Hurom with the Breville and were surprised by how much less produce we used to produce the same amount of juice.  So if you’re looking to buy a juicer and would like to get the maximum benefits from your juicing, I would highly recommend getting a slow masticating juicer over a centrifugal one.

8 thoughts on “Slow Masticating Juicers vs. Centrifugal Juicers

  1. Glad to read this because my mum and dad had a centrifugal juicer. I was excited to discover we had one that we never used now. I again put it in storage once I realized how much fruit I had to toss inside just to get half a glass of juice.

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