Rediscovering Glendalough

I can’t believe February is nearly over.  I used to equate the month with reading week and so now every time it rolls around I like to reminisce about the various shenanigans we got up to instead of revising for exams.

Had you known me back in my Uni days (which, mind you, wasn’t too long ago), you’d be amazed at how much I’ve grown to appreciate the more natural things in life.  Back then, I was more of a city girl than the type to go on a ramble where there was no mobile reception.  Hence, I reckon if I were to visit Glendalough now I would appreciate it even more (instead of being homesick for London the second we arrived).

Here are just a few old favourite snapshots.  If only I had my nice camera back then! I realise there is much more to Glendalough than what I allowed myself to discover at the time, so I hope to be able to visit again someday.  But first, I have to get through my Bucket List.




4 thoughts on “Rediscovering Glendalough

  1. Very cool! How did you get to travel so much? I’m still in college and I feel like I don’t get any opportunities to go anywhere!

    • Hehe, wish I had travelled more but it’s a lot easier to travel in UK/Europe. Everything is so close and there are lots of great offers for students. I should’ve travelled more when I lived in Japan, as well, but I was too focused on saving. I hope you’ll get a chance to study there! 🙂

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