Carry Me Home

Running has always been an uphill battle for me (trying to overcome the excruciating pain of shin splints, weak knees, muscle cramps) that I’ve never been able to experience the runner’s high that so many of my friends tell me about.

That said, in less than three weeks I’ll be taking on the second 8K run of my life.  To be honest, I haven’t really run since last May when we did the first Run for Japan, a fundraising race for the earthquake and tsunami survivors of 11 March, 2011.

This year we’ll be running for the same charity race, which happens to fall on the one-year anniversary of the tragic events.  I’ll be running in memory of Y. Mama and Papa and all those that perished on that fateful day.  I hope that one of my current favourites by Fun ft. Janelle Monáe, “We Are Young”, will carry me home to the finish line.

I’m not trying to break any records or push myself so hard that I give up running for another year.  I hope that this race will be the catalyst that propels me forward in running and be the start of a new relationship that I have with the sport.

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