Delightful German Treats

I’m always on the lookout for new Moomin goods.  But once in a while I’ll come across something non-Moomin that is equally fun and cute (and in this case, tasty).

Available in 2 yummy flavours, original (hazelnut) and cocoa cream, Kinder’s Happy Hippos are crispy hippo shaped biscuits.  Their outer shell is light and flakey and the filling is smooth and not too sweet.  The hazelnut filling is reminiscent of an unadorned  Ferrero Roche chocolate.

The Hanuta minis are also a top choice for hazelnut and chocolate lovers.  The main element of the Hanuta cookies are a thick layer of rich, luscious hazelnut chocolate with bits of crunchy hazelnut, sandwiched between two crisp chocolate wafers.



6 thoughts on “Delightful German Treats

  1. I’ve seen those Happy Hippos! Too cute 🙂 I wish I could find Kinder Surprise here…I remember buying them at the Duty Free when I was in Guam as a little girl. 🙂

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