The EU’s Latest Propaganda Video #FAIL

I must admit I’m a bit confused by what the EU was trying to promote here. On the surface, Kill Bill lady triumphs over kung-fu, capoeira and kalaripayattu masters. But if you’ll forgive my lack of proper wording, was the underlying message more like ‘down with the darkies, rise the whities’? If so, that’s a boo and a hiss to such narrow-minded thinking!  That said, perhaps it isn’t as obvious as racism or whatever the message appears to be.

Not surprisingly, due to massive negative feedback the video has been withdrawn.  Here is the EU’s rather lame statement denying racist intentions, yet not quite explaining what the true message was.  Again, if my above analysis is correct, I don’t think it’s wise to be promoting.  That said, regardless of it’s message, such unclear propaganda could lead to very dangerous results.  And you wonder why I stick my nose up at politics?

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