Big Ben vs. China’s Great Wall

Goodness, I still can’t believe it’s already April!  At this rate we’ll all be dead in no time! Morbid thoughts aside, in an attempt to quell my nostalgia for the great down under, I decided to see what our Aussie mates are up to these days.  In travel news, it appears that Australian travel trends have shifted from Big Ben to China’s Great Wall.

After the obligatory trip to New Zealand, Britain is no longer at the top of the list but still within the top 10 travel destinations coming in at No. 5.  The United States ranked third a decade ago and is still in third place. Thailand, China, and India have all become increasingly popular amongst Australian travellers.

It seems that growing curiosity is mutual. Due to new aviation and trade agreements, China may be on track to replace Britain as the biggest source of visitors to Australia after New Zealand.  What’s your top holiday destination?

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