Axe the Tax!

As if increased postage rates and tax on pasties weren’t enough–there seems to be no letting up from the British government in taxing us for every other ‘luxury’.  In case you haven’t heard, on 1 April, 2012, an eight percent hike in Air Passenger Duty (APD) was added to the cost of flights taking off from UK airports.

Rumour has it that there may also be another increase for 2013. Will they ever stop?!  It would be less frustrating if the tax was going toward green initiatives, but it’s not!

As with the absurd pasty tax, the APD impacts those on lower incomes hardest–the most price-sensitive travellers who might fly with airlines like Ryanair or easyJet. That said, things may not appear as bad as some news headlines might have you believe. For example, the impact on your ticket is negligible if booking short-haul flights from the UK in economy (up by £1 to £13).

APD and fuel surcharges alone are not going to stop Brits from flying.  However, socio-political issues, threats of terrorism, natural disasters and fluctuating exchange rates may change where we choose to holiday.  Once favourite destinations, like MoroccoKenya, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, and the Maldives seem to have lost their appeal.

Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain set to be popular in 2012 according to a survey by TravelSupermarket, which interviewed 5000 British adults on their holiday plans for this year.  The ‘staycation’ is also top on many holidaymakers’ lists.

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