Eat It Don’t Tweet It

When we were still in the film age, I didn’t think to take pictures of food. Then again, since I was still a wee tot I didn’t know how to operate a camera. These days even little ones know how to unlock your smartphone! As mobile phone cameras continue to evolve and get better, a growing number of food-lovers have taken to uploading snaps of their latest food conquests onto their favourite social networks. Oh how times have changed. Imagine processing rolls and rolls of all the food pics we take today!

I, too, love photographing the tastiness in my life, whether it be a VATed Cornish pasty or afternoon tea at Claridge’s. I want to savour the memories (if only we could capture smell and taste) and food photography also helps document my travels. That said, I can see how silly one might look when a lovely arrangement of food arrives at your table and instead of eating it while it’s hot, you spend ages photographing it.

I try not to do it all the time, but it can be hard when the food looks so tasty! Cue voice of reason: but if the food looks so tasty, wouldn’t you want to eat it right away?! I think taking the time to visually savour the food from all angles helps me appreciate it even more. And with that, I leave you with a bit of Monday fun.

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