An Underrated Travel Destination

Last week we looked at popular holiday destinations for our Aussie friends and found that Britain is no longer at the top of their list.  Well the feeling is mutual, considering in 2011, Australia came in fifteenth, with Canada taking the thirteenth spot for British holidaymakers.  Iceland was in 60th place, which was a bit surprising considering how close it is to home.

Iceland is extremely underrated.  So I was excited to see that it came in first on Fodor’s top ten Best of Europe 2012.  We actually just finalised our summer holiday plans last week and are going to Reykjavik (which includes  a mandatory soak in the Blue Lagoon) on our way to visit the hubby’s folks in Maryland (USA).

Perhaps it’d be better if Iceland was kept ‘secret’ as I’d love to take in all the dazzling natural spectacles the country has to offer in the absence of hoards of tourists. I’m looking forward to 20+ hours of daylight, which will give us more time to go puffin watching, explore the glaciers, black sand beaches, geothermal hot springs, rugged lava fields, and believe it or not, green valleys.

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