Cuppa Tea?

In our house, tea is the drink of choice–whether it be jasmine, Countess Grey (a much more refined version of Lady Grey), mugicha (barley tea), green tea, roobios, or a classic cuppa Yorkshire tea with milk. Like Daniel Hannan, I have decided preferences when it comes to tea.  And although I’m always open to trying new teas, I’ll admit I’m not keen on fruity teas (you know, the aromatic type that tastes a bit like watered down cough syrup).

As over the top this might sound, I think I might go mad if the government started regulating how many cups of tea we’re allowed to have due to ‘drought warnings‘ (seriously, I wouldn’t put it past them).  After all, I feel like something’s missing from my day when I haven’t had at least a few cups per day.  In fact I think I’ll go make myself one right now and leave you with a brilliant tea rap by Doc Brown:

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