Damp, Drizzle, Drought

Not to put a damper on the start of the week, but I fear we may soon be in for another panic situation as more and more ‘we are in drought’ posters pop up around London. Drought has been declared in seventeen counties in England’s southeast and central regions.  Londoners are now banned from using hosepipes or maintaining a swimming pool, paddling pool or ornamental fountain.  But if we’re clever enough (which I’m confident that we are), we won’t let the media turn the current water situation into another panic frenzy.

I’m not sure that groundwater in some places being ‘close to the lowest levels ever recorded’ really classifies as being in drought. Saving water should come as second nature, not as temporary action taken when threatened with a possible water shortage. Thames Water, the company responsible for this poster campaign, could do with a better (more permanent) water saving campaign instead of using scare tactics. After all, isn’t it a bit late to only start saving water once a real drought is in sight? They ask that everyone ‘please start now’ when we all should’ve been conserving water since yesterday.

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