Are Americans Stupid?

Are Americans stupid or is it just Time Magazine that thinks so? It’s not news that there are different covers for each region, but when you put them all together the difference is so striking you can’t help but wonder why.  Is it really that Americans could give f-all about what goes on in the world? Or is it part of a business strategy to sell more issues (which circles back again to American perceptions and interests)?

Here are some examples of covers from past issues.  Click here to see more.  If you were presented with these covers, which would you rather read? Go on, be honest!

Furry best friends vs. political seriousness:

Anxiety (it’s actually good for you) vs. Arab protests:

U.S. spending vs. Tibet:

Finally! Here’s a topic that Time agreed both Americans and the world would find interesting: Hilary Clinton!

4 thoughts on “Are Americans Stupid?

    • I agree that people in general can be quite daft, no matter what country they are from (though some are more vocal about their stupidity than others). 😛 I enjoyed reading various articles from your blog! Please keep it up! 🙂

  1. We Americans are no more stupid than anyone else (I hope), but we seem to have a great need to demonstrate our stupidity to the world. It is embarrassing, really.

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