Woe, is eye!

I cycle to work every day and quite enjoy my morning rides.  I’ve got a cute little red foldy-bike (though I’d quite like a Brompton one day). As I was pedaling along this morning something hit me right in the eye.  It kind of just went *splat* and then I realised it was a bug!

I thought I’d got rid of it, but my eye was bugging me all day.  And yet I somehow managed to convince myself it was something else. I was still rubbing and blinking away when the hubs got home, so he flushed my eye out with eye drops for good measure. And to my utter shock and horror, the little bugger came oozing out of the corner of my eye, wings still in tact!

Gobsmacked and bemused, my poor hubby just stood there looking at me.  I wonder what he was thinking.  Perhaps, ‘you imbecile’!  I must admit it was a good thing this happened today and not earlier in the week when he was away on business, or else it might still have been stuck in my eye! Oh, what would I do without my dear hubby?

Moral of the story: flush your eye out immediately when it’s been attacked by a bug!

2 thoughts on “Woe, is eye!

  1. Aghhh! I love how calm you sound writing this, lol!

    I was rubbing and poking my eye for HOURS last week. I kept telling people my contact lens had moved. I finally stopped at an optician and he said the contact lens probably fell out hours ago and it was a good thing I didn’t do any damage to my eye =/

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