Celebrating May Day with Moomin

April ended on a bittersweet note for our family, having lost my hubby’s grandmother (may she rest in peace).  So instead of starting the month off with a rant on May Day rioters, I’ve decided to celebrate May Day with Moomin!

Thanks again to the lovely V for continuing to fuel my Moomin obsession, and this time for hand delivering all of my goodies from Japan (本当にありがと~)!  I’m happy to add to my collection of Moomin totes, as well as Moomin masking tape, which I intend to use for card making.

You can find more masking tape designs at Amazon.co.jp or from Rakuten, as well as Dream Pocket.  I’m pretty sure Dream Pocket doesn’t deliver overseas but you might get lucky and find a vendor on Amazon Japan or Rakuten that is willing to ship outside of Japan.  If you know of any new Moomin shops in the UK or US that ship internationally please let me know!

Update: I’ve just found that Etsy has several shops that carry a variety of Moomin masking tape and they ship internationally!  Huzzah!

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