Who You Should Have Voted For

The 2012 London mayoral election is underway and as usual the race has boiled down to Tories vs. Labour, or in this case Boris Johnson vs. Ken Livingstone. I’m not here to spout statistics or promote one candidate over another, but I do hope that nobody votes for British National Party mayoral candidate Carlos Cortiglia.  In a word, he’s mental (as is the rest of the BNP).  If you do, then chances are we can’t be friends.

Sadly, I’m not sure I can endorse Ken either and it’s not because I’ve been influenced by groups like Not Again Ken.  But it’s his whole take on the situation, as quoted in the Telegraph:

“Well, the simple, brutal fact that Jonathan’s got to face is Boris and myself are the two front runners. It’s no good saying you don’t want Boris, you don’t want me. Like everybody else he’s just got to make a choice.”

I disagree that anyone should have to settle for the lesser of two evils, as Livingstone seems to be implying here. I don’t think anyone should be forced to vote for the front runners in any election if they don’t agree with what a candidate stands for.  There are more than just two options.

According to my ‘political adviser’ if all goes according to plan today, UKIP (offering a truly ‘Fresh Choice for London’) could become UK’s third party.  I wouldn’t be surprised, considering so many people are tired of the ongoing blunders made by the current government. Many young people interested in civil liberties have joined UKIP.  Even my friend who was a long time Labour supporter left the party to join them.  In essence, UKIP could potentially cause the Tories to lose the next general election.

In case you’re still undecided (well the polls have now closed) or are new to politics, here is your best guide to the elections.

1 thought on “Who You Should Have Voted For

  1. is a mayor required ?….If the real power is with the Council wouldnt you its a waste of money electing a mayour ? Wouldnt you say having elected councillors elect the Mayor is the correct version of representative democracy ? To me it sounds like electing MP’s ( read councillors) and also directly electing the PM ( read Mayor). Unfortunately it sounds like the UK has a hodge podge of systems as it tries to cater to diff lobbies. The should have one voting system, one type of democracy…..

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