A Song From The Barroso Youth

A while back I wrote about the EU’s latest propaganda video.  As if that video wasn’t a massive enough fail, I came across another that looks like it might top that one (although the quality is a bit rubbish in comparison).  Not surprisingly, I’m not quite sure what to make of this one either!

It looks like a communist propaganda film and I can’t even tell if the young people in the video are willing participants and believe everything they are lip-synching or if they’ve been tricked into thinking this is all kosher.  I’m sure it’s a good thing in some nazi-ish kind of way (if that’s your thing) but it scares the scheiße out of me!  Like as scared as I was when I had to deal with Scientologists (but we’ll leave that discussion for another day).

3 thoughts on “A Song From The Barroso Youth

  1. It is a sinking ship (kind of an obtuse view from Canada). Why the UK ever got involved is beyond me. Smartest thing they did was not changing to the Euro though.

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