Money: Worth Its Weight In Gold?

The feeling of guilt alone could not stop me from clicking ‘add to basket’ and making some non-sensible Moomin purchases at the weekend.  Last week it was washi tape and this week more Moomin.  I don’t often do this (or so I say), but for some reason I just couldn’t help myself.  Soon after, I was bombarded by all these articles about the potential Grexit (Greek exit from the euro), including this piece by Allister Heath, which forced me to confront my naughty spending habits and growing fears regarding the devaluation of money.

For someone with a minimal understanding of how the world economy works, I can’t say that I’d be assured with more charts and figures. Economists thought the euro would work but it would seem we are moving closer to the tipping point (of where it all fails).  Then what next? Would Greece’s departure from the euro cause a domino effect and down come Spain and Portugal, and perhaps Ireland and Italy?

What would our money be worth then?  These days it feels like its barely worth anything. The cost of food and petrol (not to mention stamps) seems to forever be on the rise yet the quality of goods delivered, whether in terms of labour or assets, seem to be on the decline.  Nothing is made to last.

It’s overwhelming and frustrating to feel like there is nothing we can do to help change the situation. Some people say we can only trust our governments to make the right choices for us. But we can’t, can we? Look at the state we’re all in! So if money isn’t worth anything, what is? The value of precious metals seem to be on the rise, but who is to say that they, too, won’t be worth their weight in gold one day?

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