I’d Like To Solve The Puzzle…

My friend N always sends me the best web finds and news articles. He of course knows all about my obsession with Moomins and naturally I was excited when I saw this in my inbox.

Several thoughts raced through my head. The first was of course, Holy Mother of Moomin! Could it be true? Have the Moomins finally infiltrated mainstream America? Or perhaps I was unaware that such a phrase existed in American English and this actually appeared on the popular American game show Wheel of Fortune?! Even better, they got the idea from my recent blog post!

I secretly imagined myself as a contestant, gleaming with joy as I said loud and clear, “I’d like to solve the puzzle please!” Oh but one can dream (not that my dream is to be on Wheel of Fortune). Slowly I realised it was all N’s creation. I’d forgotten how terribly gullible I am, and of course the photo wasn’t real and Moomins have yet to make any imprint on the US market. You sure are clever, Mr. Smart! It certainly made for a great start to the day.

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