Friday Fail With Michael Gove

In case you haven’t heard, after coming into a bit of trouble with funding, Michael Gove’s prayers to send a copy of the King James Bible to every state school were answered with a bit of help from his millionaire Tory pals. He managed to raise £370,000 for his Bible project and those Bibles have now been released from their warehouse.  It would appear that there’s even a direct reference to him on the spine, bearing the prominent wording “Presented by the Secretary of State for Education”.  How vain.

Photo from Political Scrapbook

The Guardian reports that the Bibles are also accompanied by a letter from Gove. How sweet (pardon me while I vom). This confirms that not only has Gove continued to go untreated for his lunacy, he’s managed to infect some of his Tory friends.

“I believe it is important that all pupils – of all faiths or none – should appreciate this icon and its impact on our language and democracy,” it says. He adds that the gift has been funded through the generosity of private sponsors “who share my view that this book has a unique place in our nation’s history and culture”.

I’m all for generous donations to schools, but I’m also in favour of giving gifts that are practical. I don’t question the importance of the Bible but I just can’t see it being of much use to many schools, especially inner-city primary schools. If I were still a teacher, I’d much prefer some new Moomin story books. They’d certainly be much more fun for my pupils to read than the Bible.

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