What Not To Wear To A Cricket Match

The MCC dress code card

Ever wonder what to wear to a cricket match? Well wonder no more! As seen in the Telegraph, the Marylebone Cricket Club has issued picture cards for the first time in its 225-year history to help its members and other cricket goers avoid any cricket fashion faux pas. Apparently the idea came from the Melbourne Cricket Club in Australia (their sister organisation) in an effort to help simplify the rules.

“Whilst in the Pavilion, gentlemen shall wear ties and tailored coats and acceptable trousers with appropriate shoes. Zip up golf-style jackets are not permitted. Gentlemen will not be admitted to the Pavilion, including the Pavilion concourse, unless, on entrance, their dress conforms to this Regulation. However, coats and ties may be removed on the Pavilion Concourse, and outside balconies, but must be replaced for entry to the Pavilion building.

Ladies should wear dresses; or skirts or trousers worn with blouses, and appropriate shoes. Dresses and blouses may be sleeveless.

Religious, traditional or national dress, or service uniform, is permitted. However, the following items of clothing are prohibited; jeans and their close relations; leggings; jodhpur-style trousers; t-shirts; track suits; training shoes; plimsolls; flip flop shoes; denim clothing and overalls”.

For more information on what to expect at Lord’s (or rather, what Lord’s expects from you) visit their website. I’m gutted that I won’t be able to sport my favourite England track suit when I finally get around to going to a match. I’ve always thought the game itself to be rather boring, but I’d definitely like to go with N one day, if not just to dig into my very own Lord’s picnic hamper and gawk at all the men dressed in bright yellow and red striped jackets and ties, which to me screams fashion fail, full stop.

Here’s what I mean:

This actually is quite a nice photo.

He’s my favourite!

This is how I imagine myself at a cricket match–asleep, of course!

Although technically not ‘appropriately’ dressed for Lord’s, Alesha Dixon looks lovely here.

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