Gluten Free Cookie #Fail

I would give anything to eat a hot pasty right now. VAT or no VAT, so long as it’s fresh from the oven I could not care less. I’d quite like some fresh baked bread as well. Again, piping hot out of the oven with a nice slab of butter smothered all over it. It’s all heaven to me so long as it’s not gluten free!

After reading Wheat Belly, we’ve been trying to stick to a ‘gluten free’ diet to see if we can eliminate some of our chronic health issues. It’s done wonders for hubby, so I plan to stick with him on it, but it’s utter torture for me as I love my cakes and crumpets. Not to mention, our lovely red Dualit toaster (which I can’t thank Ginger enough for) has been sitting on our kitchen counter completely unused.

In an attempt to satisfy my cravings for a baked treat, we decided to try and make some gluten free chocolate chip cookies out of a packet. One that claimed we wouldn’t believe it wasn’t a ‘real’ cookie.ย  I tried to keep an open mind but in the end I could not have been more disappointed.ย  It wasn’t so much the mealy texture but the strange aftertaste that put me off.

Perhaps we need to try a different packet or recipe but this one certainly did nothing to satiate me. If you’ve got any suggestions for a good gluten free recipe or packet, please let us know! Sadly, even my cute Moomin tray couldn’t help soften the blow.

4 thoughts on “Gluten Free Cookie #Fail

  1. The trick to a gluten free diet is heat! when I baked my own bread it was better than anything I could buy. But only palatable piping hot out of the oven or toasted. As for baked goods, try ones made from almond meal. More expensive but some things are even better than with regular flour! Also, all gluten free products will have more sugar, butter etc, so don’t be fooled into thinking that because they are good for your gut they are lower in calories!

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