Lemon Moomin Biscuits

As you may have started to notice, I don’t have the best track record when it comes to baking. That said, when my Moomin cookie cutters arrived I was so excited that I knew the weekend would involve some sort of baking experiment.

I quickly decided that I was going to make lemon biscuits (cookies) from scratch and randomly chose an online recipe that had a pretty end product photo.  In hindsight I should’ve compared a few actual recipes before choosing one and perhaps it would’ve been wiser to stick with Jamie Oliver’s lemon butter biscuit recipe.

Not knowing the dangers that lay ahead, I even decided to double the recipe to yield more biscuits. I was beaming with confidence until I tried to roll the dough out and make my first cut.  The dough was wet and sticky and difficult to shape. I didn’t mind the flavour of the biscuit but hubby gave two thumbs down for both flavour and texture.

In the end, I only came away with one Moomin-shaped lemon biscuit which, as a friend commented, looks more like a cross between the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four (Johnny Storm) and a Moomin — the Moomin Torch?

9 thoughts on “Lemon Moomin Biscuits

    • I was just thinking I should try to make Moomin ginger snaps instead! What can I say? Brilliant minds think alike. Btw, are you still eating gluten free? I’ve tried it for a month. Had a gluten free baking fail (of course) but other than that, it’s not bad. Though, I do miss having toast!

      • Haha nope, it failed for me too! Althought I got tested for gluten intolerance and it came out negative. You’ll never believe what was causing my stomach cramps :S it was social anxiety! (long story, I’ll spare you the details.)

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