Introducing Strelka Sounds

I’m not sure how to go about introducing music that I have very little exposure to, aside from the little 30 second clips that I allow myself to listen to before I scrunch my nose and think, ‘meh’.  That said, I wanted to introduce Strelka Sounds as I am so proud of my friend N for carving out a nice little musical niche on the web.

N is the talent behind Strelka Sounds, who describes himself as a “London-based fan of nu disco, deep/minimal house, and dogs in space”.  He’s been making tunes since 2005 but only recently started uploading them to the web in April and has gained quite a few listeners. Not to mention, he’s already being featured on the charts of Juno Download!

I have no idea how the latest digital music software works, but apparently you can create beautiful arrangements of classic songs (using Ableton) like my favourite  by Strelka Sounds — Stephanie Mills’ Never Knew Love Like This Before.  Another fun one is an edit of Caviar’s Never Stop Loving You.

N is incredibly modest and seems to think that this is all very easy to do, and perhaps he’s right in that with practice most people could probably learn how to use the software. But it takes a good ear for music and a lot of talent to be able to do it well! Now go on and have a listen and let us know what you think!

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