Let Me Eat Cake!

I’ve decided to focus on consuming cakes rather than trying to make them. From gluten free to gluttonous glee, this is what happens when I am presented with the opportunity to indulge a bit after a month of gluten deprivation. Shameful, I know — but I simply couldn’t resist.  Be honest, could you?!

Gluten free chocolate cake with multiple layers of cocoa breading and chocolate mousse. Who would’ve thought gluten free could be this good?

I’ve been craving mango pudding for ages and decided to pick up the black sesame pudding sitting next to it, as well.

Delightful mango pudding (front); creamy gluten free black sesame pudding (back).

Last, but definitely not least, an amazingly light and fluffy mango-passion fruit-raspberry cake — gift from a secret cakery which specialises in European-Japanese fusion cakes.

Erm…now that I’m looking at this up close, it looks like they botched the first bit of the message, but in case you hadn’t guessed it’s meant to say ‘Eat me, I’m tasty’!

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