To All Fathers In The World

In the US it’s estimated that stay-at-home mums theoretically would make $60,000 per annum for the work that they do as mums. The pay would be higher for families with more children. In comparison, dads would make $20,000 per annum. The idea here obviously is that on average mums do way more than dads, which is probably true if we’re talking strictly about housewives.

So women finally beat men in one area of work, but since the pay is imaginary it’s not much of a victory!  I reckon these stats could easily carry over to most families in the world.  So dads, does this mean you need to do more around the house?

Growing up, my father travelled a lot for his job so my mum did everything in the house. In a way she had to be both a mum and a dad.  I’ve always had a challenging relationship with my father but for better or for worse, he is my dad. Although he may never read this, I wanted to express how much respect I have for him, for his incredible work ethic and for sticking it out to give us a better life. Thanks, Pa! And Happy Father’s Day to you and all dads in the world!

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