What To Wear To Royal Ascot

If you thought the dress code for cricket matches was over the top, wait until you see how Royal Ascot is taking a bit of the fun out of the world’s most formal sporting event. The new dress code was first announced in January and this week organisers sent out reminders with badges and tickets for this year’s races at the course in Berkshire, southern England.

As a reminder, strapless, halter or spaghetti-strap dresses are banned, as are obvious midriffs. Straps must be wider than an inch; dresses and skirts must be at least knee-length. Hats are a must in the Royal Enclosure and Grandstand. Fascinators are forbidden, as is any headpiece with a base of less than 4in (10cm). Trousers must be full-length. Hold on! Fascinators forbidden? That’s rubbish (actually, what I really wanted to say was f*** that)! Let me just say that fascinators should definitely NOT be banned. I much prefer them to hats for formal occasions. They’re just so much fun!

According to the Metro, everyone remains unanimous on one thing. That is, to steer clear of excess:

‘Less is more’…‘Less skin, less jewellery, less booze, fewer layers, simple trims – but that doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Keep it simple but you can still have great impact. Just look at the Queen’.

Perhaps we should agree to leave the Queen out of this. Call me a church girl or whatever you want, but I’m definitely with the idea that ‘less is more’. Quite frankly it’s a bit embarrassing that some women need to be reminded that dressing up doesn’t mean tarting up. Of course if you don’t like all these rules you could always opt for the Silver Ring, but it just wouldn’t be as much fun, would it?

Wardrobe infringement: These ladies would be asked to wear a pashmina over their shoulders due to Royal Ascot’s strict dress code this year.

I believe the base of this headpiece is more than 4 inches (10 cm), so it should pass the test.

This is my absolute favourite! Simple, yet elegant and not the slightest bit boring. Doesn’t she look lovely?

4 thoughts on “What To Wear To Royal Ascot

  1. It were all different back when gals behaved like gals and knew how to put themselves out there better. A little tale for you I were at the Royal in 1984 what were then the diamond ring and it weren’t to tough of a job to get yourself intae the royal enclosure so I used to get meself into there because it had portable shitters of a better sort than I had in me own house at the time! So I’ve been in there using the vernacular and coming down the steps alongside the members bar when who is coming the other direction but her maj herself. I asks her you got one running in the St Jameses? Yes says she for she deigned to speak Yes says she – Sheridans Boot – and you would be wise to back it sir. Well I tell her I’ve seen Sheridans Boot with me own eyes down on the Sussex gallop’s and he aint got a cats chance in hell of winning this one thinking he was more of a 1m4f sort so I wishes the old slapper well and tells her good luck yer maj but I’ll stick with Miners Strike myself. Well you know what happened Sheridans Boot came in by aboot 9 lengths didn’t it and I went down the winners enclosure meself to see the royal delegation collect the trophy on behalf of her maj thinking I should’ve listened and kickin meself. Hope this were an interesting enough tale fer yer page. Who you got in the Prince o Wales tomorrae?

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