An Awkward Meeting With Stephen Greenhalgh

I’m not quite sure what to make of London’s new Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Stephen Greenhalgh. Only after three weeks on the job and knowing f*** all, he advised the Metropolitan Police Commissioner that it was not necessary for him to attend a meeting at City Hall and was completely ill-prepared for the meeting himself. He can’t seem to answer any of the London Assembly’s questions or responds with pointless demeaning comments, such as pointing out that – of 200 annual working days – the Commissioner would have to give up five if assembly members required him to attend every meeting. Isn’t that why we pay him the big bucks? You know, to do his job?

What I can’t believe is that Stephen Greenhalgh gets paid to embarrass himself! He was rightly lambasted by the London Assembly for his cocky attitude and sheer ignorance of matters at hand. They could have called the meeting off but decided to proceed and showed him no mercy. Needless to say, I have minimal confidence in his abilities as Deputy Mayor. You can see the full clip here. I recommend that you start watching from 2:00 to see what a total buffoon he is. Here are some highlights from the meeting:

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