Is It A Mistake to Rename Big Ben?

I’m a firm believer in the saying ‘if it’s not broke(n), don’t fix it’.  Along the same lines, I’m not sure renaming the Clock Tower (colloquially known as Big Ben to the world) to Elizabeth Tower is the best thing to do, even if the change mirrors an honour bestowed on queen Victoria — the only other British monarch to celebrate a diamond jubilee back in 1897 — who gives her name to The Victoria Tower at the west end of parliament.

It certainly is a lovely sentiment, but because Big Ben is a national icon perhaps renaming any one of the beautiful gardens or parks in London as Elizabeth Gardens or Queen Elizabeth Gardens would be better suited to the occasion.  A park would serve as a living memorial to the Queen.  Not to mention, although having gone through the parliamentary name change process, the tower will forever be known as Big Ben to all.

9 thoughts on “Is It A Mistake to Rename Big Ben?

  1. I hate it when people try to rename stuff! Like how they changed the name of Sears Tower to Willis Tower?! I’m still going to call it Sears Tower.

  2. To rename the “Clock Tower” in honor of ERII is great! “Big Ben” refers to the bell in the tower that rings out over London. “Clock Tower” was not really a name and “Big Ben” is not going anywhere. To name it Elizabeth Tower is perfectly appropreate and well earned. CHEERS!

    • Thanks for the comment Brian, though I disagree! 😛 I think it’s understood that when someone says they’re going to see Big Ben, right or wrong, they’re referring to the entire tower and not the bell. If Big Ben will always be known as such, what’s the point of renaming it on paper?

      • I suppose that the point would be to honor one of England’s most extraordinary monarchs! Apparently many disagree but I still am delighted! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!! You are quite correct, it will always be referred to as Big Ben but his housing is officially Elizabeth Tower now and that is BLOODY GREAT! 🙂

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