Tsk tsk…The Great Unwashed

Meet John “Fingers” Fingleton, charity auctioneer, Lord’s stalwart and my favourite cricket goer.  He featured in What Not To Wear To A Cricket Match in May but apparently not enough people read the post because Mr. Fingleton is not happy!  Along with a number of his fellow Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) members, Fingleton has taken to the members’ online noticeboard to protest the presence of “mobs of ill-behaved, ill-dressed screaming yobbos” in the Lord’s Pavilion during a domestic Twenty20 game this month.

“I cannot ever recall experiencing the Pavilion both as full as it was….and so crammed with such predominantly repulsive, ill-behaved, apologies-for- membership-of-the-human- race — what, for the most part, I would regard as ‘The Great Unwashed’,” Fingleton wrote.  I’m sure the ‘ill-behaved, ill-dressed, screaming yobbos’ were nothing like this lot:

I’m all for a bit of fun and I think a varied crowd can create a great atmosphere for such a boring game. But rules are rules and they should be respected. If you find issue with them then feel free not to come! Even if you show up in what may be deemed as a blatant contravention of the dress code and are still allowed in, have the decency to be respectful of other members and don’t behave like an arse.  Or is that too much to ask in this day and age?

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