Moomin Shops Abound In Iceland

A Moomin fan never tires of discovering new shops that carry Moomin goods. And what better place to find Moomin while on holiday than Iceland! Although I didn’t find a shop dedicated entirely to Moomin, I was absolutely chuffed to find an array of Moomin merchandise sold in Reykjavik — from boutique shops and children’s toy shops to various homeware shops at Kringlan Mall. The selection in various stores mainly contained standard mugs and bowls, as well as some flatware. Even though you may not find the latest Moomin goods, it warms my heart to know that a Moomin fan base does in fact exist in Iceland.

You’d think I’d be all Moomin’ed out by now, but I couldn’t leave Iceland without picking up a few items that I had been holding off on getting for a while, like these lovely eco totes sold in EPAL, a chic design shop. There is a location in Harpa as well as the departure lounge at Keflavík International Airport. The airport shop had a larger selection of goods and the prices were cheaper (possibly because of the whole duty free thing, but better than having to deal with another VAT refund form).

I also found these adorable Moomin notecards in Eymundsson, Iceland’s oldest and largest bookseller. You’ll also find some great books not sold on Amazon in store. I highly recommend making a stop at one of the Eymundsson bookstores during your stay in Iceland.

Moomin and Snorkmaiden


Moominpappa and The Moomins — I was surprised there wasn’t a card dedicated to Moominmamma

5 thoughts on “Moomin Shops Abound In Iceland

    • I wasn’t even expecting it because I hadn’t found any evidence of Moomin in Iceland online. Haha. Sadly, I don’t know if will be for a while — hopefully not too long. Maybe we’ll cycle back to Iceland after France and Finland?

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