Stop Your Whinging And Let The Games Begin!

London is not for the faint-hearted, even in the best of times. Sadly, these days anti-Olympic protestors have turned the nation’s capital into a bit of a circus ground, putting on shows geared toward the Olympinazis. Don’t get me wrong, Britain will always have a special place in my heart, but I’m starting to get fed up with all the whinging. Now that the games are only a few days away, I hope those threatening to bring London to its knees, for whatever reason, will come to their senses.

I won’t even bother going into how stupid the London cabbie was to dive off Tower Bridge. But I appreciate that we could do without the absurd restrictions put forth by the LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games). That said, it’s not like we haven’t known for years that the Olympics were going to be held in London.  Why didn’t anyone do something about it then? And what’s with bribing tube drivers with £1,000 to work during the Olympics? I guess what I really want to ask is why all this moaning about having to work?! And now I suppose we’re waiting to see what happens Thursday at Heathrow.  Extra staff have been put on standby to prevent chaos on what promises to be a very busy day in London.

Of course there’s no greater world sporting event than the FIFA Wold Cup. But whether you think that the Olympics is a glorified sport day for running and jumping or another opportunity for McDonald’s and Coca Cola to monopolise on profits, most of the world will be watching, cheering and taking part in what I think will be a pretty spectacular event. In the end, I’m confident that people will pull through for the Olympics and the games will go smoothly. I’m going to take a very Icelandic approach to it all and continue to think Þetta reddast! Because in the end, everything does work out!  Now let the games begin in peace!

2 thoughts on “Stop Your Whinging And Let The Games Begin!

  1. I know, I don’t know why we have to have an attitude of how rubbish the whole thing is going to be and how the whole world is going to look down on us – they won’t, they’ll think it’s great and it’s just a bit of fun.

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