Is The Blue Lagoon Worth It?

Without overstating the obvious, unless you’ve managed to hire out the entire spa, the Blue Lagoon in Iceland is nothing like you see here:

In reality, the Blue Lagoon is an incredibly busy spa where there is certainly enough room for you to have a soak in and relax but you will be hard pressed to find a truly quiet and secluded spot during summer.  The photos I took are from an area just off the entrance from the spa.

Having a soak in the Blue Lagoon has been on my Bucket List for a year now, so we decided to make a day of it.  We opted for the Experience Package and were glad we did as it saved us having to pack towels and robes. I was a bit overwhelmed by how crowded it was but we still managed to enjoy ourselves. The sulfuric smell that everyone talks about didn’t bother us one bit . The water in the main pool area was lukewarm, not even hot.  We had to wade out toward the far centre to really feel the ‘mother load’ of geothermal heat.

Like everyone else we were curious about the famed white silica mud, which we slathered ourselves in and took all the silly photos that you’re required to take but never to post online. The mud was nice, but nothing in comparison to the algae mask that came with our spa package.  It may just look like a bit of frozen clay but once you dip it in water it transforms into a soothing mask which truly leaves your skin feeling soft and supple! But of course, they were completely sold out at the spa, in local tourist shops and even at the bloody airport!

Blue Lagoon algae mask

The Experience Package also included a lunch buffet (if you’re not keen on smoked salmon and meats, then perhaps the buffet isn’t for you — they were a bit lacking on the hot food items), as well as any drink from the LAVA bar.  I chose a green smoothie which really blew me away. I’ve had lots of green juices and smoothies in my time but this one was amazing! I was able to replicate it to some degree so see below for the ‘Green Is Good’ smoothie recipe:

Green is good – mix together 1 cup orange juice, 3-4 generous slices of mango, 1 whole banana, a stub of peeled ginger, 2-3 handfuls of baby spinach and as much ice to your liking (I use about 6-8 cubes). Serves 2.

Was it worth the 40 minute bus ride from Reykjavik to the Blue Lagoon? All in all, we enjoyed our time at the spa. Would we go again? Perhaps, but most likely not. We also wanted to check out Landmannalaugar geothermal hot pool but sadly we didn’t have a super jeep on hand. So instead of the Blue Lagoon we’ll probably opt for the lesser known hot pools next time.

So if touristy spots aren’t for you, I would not recommend the Blue Lagoon. But if you do decide to go, I recommend getting the Experience Package as it’s good value for your money and you really do get to experience everything the spa has to offer without hurting your wallet too much.

4 thoughts on “Is The Blue Lagoon Worth It?

  1. I really want to try the Blue Lagoon. One of the reasons is that it’s just something you should try. Everybody always asks you if you’ve been there so would be nice to be able to say yes 😉
    Have been to the nature bath at Mývatn, and thought that one was pretty nice. Am definitely going back there some time!

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